CHow To Buy

      All Jeevika Spakchem products are available in various packaging as per requirement customers. All our products are manufactured and distributed nationwide by jeevika Spakchem Pvt. Ltd.
      We welcome all inquiries regarding our product line and its applications in Various industries. If you cannot find answers to your questions on this website, please call us directly at +91 8007694111

      Purchasing Jeevika Spakchem Products In India :
      Direct Sales – All our products can be purchased directly from Jeevika Spakchem Pvt. Ltd.
      Distributors – All Jeevika Spakchem products are sold directly by the company. We do not have any select group of specialty distributors.
      Purchasing Internationally :
      Direct Sales – Jeevika Spakchem Pvt. Ltd. can ship directly to customers located in foreign countries.